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Why do businesses need video?

It seems everywhere we look today, we see a screen. Everyone seems to be absorbed in whatever is on that screen. We stare at our screens for everything from pure entertainment to learning how to change the oil in our cars. It’s not just in our personal lives either, video has become essential for businesses seeking to survive and thrive in today’s economic world. There are a multitude of reasons businesses should be leveraging the power of video, but lets talk about five of the top reasons businesses need to be using video.

🎥 Video boosts engagement and retention:

Video is engaging because it mixes visual and auditory stimuli together and captures attention while holding it longer than other forms of content. It can communicate concepts and ideas in an easy to understand way. The ability to communicate in this way makes video effective for informing and educating people. The more people watch video, the more they will want to watch video and that leads to people choosing what they want more of. They engage the source of the video to get what they desire and, as long as people get what they desire, they will stay on the source of the video and generate greater retention rates.

🎥 Video builds brand awareness:

Videos are incredibly shareable and can help businesses increase their reach, thereby increasing exposure. Well crafted video helps businesses connect with their audience. Once a business has connected with their audience, the audience tends to grow on its own, giving the business more brand awareness. People love sharing things that mean something to them. The more brand awareness you have, the more potential business you get.

🎥 Video improves search engine optimization, or SEO:

The top two search engines out there are Google and YouTube and both are owned by the same people. People are always searching YouTube for how to videos and answers in general, just like any other search engine, and your business should give them that content. Google likes when your YouTube videos are on your website and when people can get to your website from your YouTube, which results in your business ranking higher when people are trying to find your product or service. When a business ranks higher in search results, it is chosen more often. This can definitely turn into more money being spent with your business.

🎥 Video demonstrates credibility and expertise:

People like doing business with businesses and people they can trust and feel are the expert in their field. Businesses can use video to share testimonies about them; this will make them seem more credible in practice and product. You talk about how great your business is all the time, but it resonates more if someone else talks about your business for you. In addition to testimonies, businesses can post videos that teach the viewer about different aspects of their product or service, including teaching them to do it themselves. This will add to the business being seen as credible and having expertise.

🎥 Video increases conversion:

Video can be used to showcase products and services in a way that highlights features and benefits. This can help conversions by giving people everything they need to make an informed purchasing decision before ever stepping foot on a sales floor. Once your business has converted someone to a customer with the help of video, it is easier to keep their business with more videos.

Video is a really powerful tool businesses can use to increase engagement, build brand awareness, improve SEO, demonstrate credibility and expertise, and increase conversion. With the right video partner, businesses can leverage the power of video to survive and thrive in todays world.

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